Chiropractic Care and Natural Labour

Alongside assisting with lower back and pelvic pain (see blog post here), it is suggested that Chiropractic Care can also help women in achieving a natural birth process with more ease.

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Chiropractic Care allows the ligaments around the uterus to be more relaxed and balanced, thus allowing the baby more space to move about in the womb and through the pelvis. This can assist in enhancing the optimal position of the baby.


By aligning the pelvis and lower back, it helps to reduce the tension and pull on the ligaments of the pelvis. When these ligaments pull on the uterus, it can create a torsion (twisting) of the uterus, which can impact the position of the baby.


By relaxing these ligaments, through specialised Chiropractic techniques, the uterus is able to be in a relaxed state, giving the baby plenty of room to move around. Having these constraints removed assists in optimal positioning of the baby, as well as giving a higher chance of natural birth, as the baby can engage down in pelvis to bring on labour and birth naturally.


Having Chiropractic Care part of your wellness lifestyle during pregnancy can be very beneficial for yourself and your bub.


Our Chiropractors here at Global Chiropractic have had extensive training to give pregnant mums the best care, and to provide positive support for them and their precious baby. If you would love any further information please contact us on (03) 54443388 or email [email protected]


Dr. Deanne Esposito

Global Chiropractic

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