How can Chiropractic Care help with back and pelvic pain during pregnancy?

Around two-thirds of pregnant women experience lower back and/or pelvic pain during their pregnancy, tending to occur more often in the later months of pregnancy. If the mother has a history of pain before or during previous pregnancies they are often more susceptible. About half of these women don’t receive help or advice for their problems, which often interferes with daily activities, work, and sleep.

Pregnant women may feel limited in their options for care, especially if wishing to avoid drugs or other intervention. If you’re pregnant and looking for options to help you deal with back or pelvic pain, you may wish to consider Chiropractic care as a natural and effective option. 

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There are thought to be a number of possible causes for lower back and pelvic pain during pregnancy, though it is a complex topic. Changes to your centre of gravity (from your growing tummy!) and weight gain leads to extra load carried by the small spinal joints and shock absorbing discs of the lower part of the spine, as well as to the joints and ligaments around the pelvis. This extra stress on the body can cause the nerves to become impinged, and send out pain signals.

The muscles and ligaments then have to adapt to these changes in load to support your body when out of alignment. On top of this, the pregnancy hormone Relaxin is thought to cause joints and ligaments to become lax or loose, in preparation for childbirth. It is likely a combination of these factors that lead to pregnancy-related low back and pelvic pain.

A Wellness Chiropractor who specialises in working with pregnant women focuses on making sure the brain and nervous system are functioning optimally without interference.  This then allows everything to occur at the body’s best ability throughout the pregnancy. Keeping the nervous system functioning optimally allows the pelvis and lower back to be balanced and can alleviate low back pain by reducing pressure at the nerves as well as allowing the soft tissues to be more balanced in their functioning.

Our Wellness Chiropractors  have a variety of gentle techniques which are very effective and comfortable for pregnant women. You will usually be given advice and exercises to help you manage your symptoms in a proactive way.


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