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    Fully qualified team of Chiropractors, Massage Therapists in Bendigo

    At Global Chiropractic, our qualified Chiropractors continually update their knowledge and skills to ensure you receive the highest standard of Chiropractic Care. We attend seminars throughout Australia and participate in staff training on a weekly basis at our centre in Bendigo.

    The knowledge we gain from seminars and training is passed to our clients, empowering them through Chiropractic, Massage, nutrition and the Demartini Method™ to ensure they fulfil their health and life goals. Our Chiropractors, Chiropractic assistants and Masseurs are all well-educated and understand how to best serve our client’s needs. 

    Meet our team

    global chiropractic deanne esposito

    Dr Deanne Esposito (ICPA, ASRF)

    With a double degree in Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Chiropractic Science from RMIT in Melbourne, Dr Deanne Esposito is a cutting-edge chiropractor. She is a member of the Chiropractic Association of Australia and SOT Australia and keeps abreast of the latest research and development in Chiropractic, healthcare and nutrition by attending numerous post-graduate seminars.

    Clients ranging from newborn babies only hours old to those in their 90s attend Dr Esposito’s Chiropractic practice with confidence. Dr Esposito has observed the major influence Chiropractic has on the well-being of new-born babies and the elderly, as well as the profound effect with families, enabling them to function at their fullest and enhance their levels of health.

    Dr Esposito has families within her practice extending over four generations and finds it greatly important to promote the benefits of Chiropractic to the extended community. She studies universal laws and principles through the concourse of wisdom with teacher and philosopher, Dr John Demartini.

    At our Chiropractic centre in Bendigo, Dr Esposito conducts a free information session every 2nd Monday evening to help inform individuals and families about the way their body functions, health and the role Chiropractic plays in their life. Global Chiropractic was established by Dr Esposito in 2004 with her husband and Global Chiropractic masseur, Aidan Esposito. 

    Sarah Stead- Chiropractic Assistant

    Sarah has been part of our team as a casual staff member for some time. Sarah is currently studying Early Childhood development at Latrobe University Bendigo. She has been under Chiropractic care at this office for 8 years and also knows the benefit of Remedial Massage particularly after long periods of studying.

    global chiropractic aidan

    Aidan Esposito

    After gaining his initial Massage qualification in 1991, Aidan has continually developed his skills in the areas of Massage, nutrition, lifestyle coaching, philosophy and universal laws. Aidan has been trusted by many elite athletes and The Carlton Football Club to tailor adjustments  to suit their individual needs. With a wealth of experience in alleviating painful conditions, Aidan has built a very successful practice. 

    Sue Gardiner

    Sue joined the Global Chiropractic team in late 2009 and is qualified to perform remedial Massage, cupping and lymphatic drainage. Our team of chiropractors are also proud to work alongside such a dedicated infant Massage instructor. Sue is available for consultations through the week and on Saturdays between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm.

    Lara Kermac

    Lara Kermac joined Global Chiropractic team in March 2014. She is qualified in Remedial Massage and Shiatsu. She also practices Aromatherapy, Cupping and Foot reflexology to help achieve best results in her treatments. Lara is available for appointments Monday to Friday.
    global chiropractic happy family

    global chiropractic leonie stead

    Leonie Stead – Chiropractic Assistant

    During her time at Global Chiropractic, Leonie has experienced amazing professional and personal growth and enjoys working in a caring, vibrant and challenging environment with generous supporting teammates.

    The knowledge Leonie has gained about Chiropractic and health in general, including the importance of a balanced outlook, has made a huge difference in her life and personal relationships.

    Leonie has learnt that how she handles her health and the decisions she makes regarding her healthcare is of vital importance. Before starting her career in Chiropractic care, she too thought the primary focus was on back pain but now appreciates that our spinal and nervous system controls every cell and organ in the body.

    With two teenage daughters under Chiropractic care, Leonie wishes she had known about Chiropractic when they were babies and infants. Leonie believes that she is giving her daughters the best opportunity in life and is excited about the potential they will have.

    To book an appointment with our chiropractors or Massage Therapists, call us now on  03 5444 3388 .

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