Our Chiropractors are spinal health and wellness experts. We use up-to-date techniques and research to achieve the best results for you. Our goal is to find the cause of your problems and help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Stages and frequency of care vary from individual. From proactive and preventative care to pain relief and functional restoration, we’ll find the right treatment tailored to suit you. We provide treatment for:

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Massage Therapy

We recommend Massage as part of your complete Chiropractic Care experience. Chiropractic focuses on communication between the spine, nervous system and body. While Massage focuses on the soft tissue of the body such as the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. Body alignment, balance and function are then majorly enhanced.

We have male and female Massage therapists at our clinic in Bendigo. The predominant types of Massage available at Global Chiropractic include:

Our mission

Our community is unnecessarily sick and suffering as a result of living an ever-increasing stressful lifestyle, as well as being misinformed about how to achieve true health.

We are passionate about inspiring and empowering families and individuals of our community that their body CAN thrive and express its full health potential naturally through lifetime Chiropractic Care

Dr Deanne Esposito

With a double degree in Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Chiropractic Science from RMIT in Melbourne, Dr Deanne Esposito is a cutting-edge Chiropractor. Deanne is passionate about providing safe and effective Chiropractic Care to families and individuals in her community.

Having grown up in Bendigo, Dr Deanne opened Global Chiropractic in 2004 with her husband Aidan. Providing a welcoming, relaxed, family-friendly practice where children and adults can come to transform their health and thrive in life.

Dr Deanne Esposito - Chiropractor

What To Expect

At Global Chiropractic, we understand that you need to know what to expect as a new client. Considering everything from posture to nervous system function. Learn more about what we assess in your initial and subsequent visits.

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