6 Tips to keep active in the office

  • Get up and move around at least every hour

It’s really important to take a break from sitting at least every hour – set a reminder on your phone or computer – you can even get a few apps which will give you reminders

Go get a glass of water; go talk to someone rather than emailing/calling

  • Stand and work when possible

Sitting at a computer is really hard on both your neck and low back

Standing eases the pressure through your low back and can help you look forward rather than down which will help you neck

  • Sit on an exercise ball

If you have to sit at a desk most of the day spending some of the day sitting on an exercise ball will help engage your core and gluteal muscles and also force you to sit up straight.

Make sure your exercise ball is low enough that you can comfortably put both feet flat on the floor

  • Have walking or standing meetings

Swap your conference room for a walk outside especially for a one on one meeting – if your need to take notes you can always record the conversation to replay later.

If leaving the office isn’t an option have a meeting at a bench or tall table rather than sitting

  • Leave your desk to eat lunch or have a coffee;

You may feel like eating lunch at your desk saves time but would getting up and taking a walk or eating outside really take up too much time? You’ll probably also come back to work or study refreshed with some new ideas or perspective after a short break.

  • Take a moment for some deep breathing

How you breathe is really important and when you spend many hours a day sitting you often forget to take deep breaths all the way into your stomach. You can take a 5 minute break and concentrate on your breathing or set a reminder every hour and take 5 deep breaths.

Sit up straight, feet flat on the floor, take a big, deep breath into your stomach let it expand. Now let your breath all the way out and pull your stomach in towards your spine. Pause until you feel the need to take another breath.

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