Is stress keeping you up at night?

Stress can impact your life in many ways, including negatively affecting the quality of your sleep. Stress that builds from daily life can impact sleep. When you lie in bed at night and the world around you has stopped, your mind starts to think of all the things going on in your life at the moment. You may feel anxious and worried so it is impossible for your body to relax to go to sleep.

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The brain chemicals that are connected with deep sleep are the same ones which stop the production of stress hormones. So it’s easy to understand why people who suffer from chronic stress day in and day out sleep less, have poorer sleep quality, and find it harder to function well during the day.

Unfortunately, this cycle will only continue to get worse: If you don’t sleep enough at night, your body boosts its levels of stress hormones. As a result, when you don’t sleep well, your body keeps pumping out those hormones The next day, you feel more stressed, the following night you find it harder to fall asleep, and so on. Even worse, stress hormones peak in the afternoon and early evening—just when you should be winding down, ready for sleep.

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On top of that, the more exhausted you feel, the less you’re able to focus at work and at home, leading to even more stress. It can become quite a vicious cycle to overcome.

How can you reduce your level of stress, and sleep better?

When stress builds in the body it has an effect on the brain and nervous system as mentioned above. This stress can come from any physical injury (position in utero, birth process, falls, accidents, and injuries), Chemical (medications, lack of water, poor diet, pollution) or mental and emotional stresses.

Removing stress and interference to the nervous system is an important step to achieving a better nights’sleep. This can allow the body to relax and the brain to calm and may result in a better quality of sleep.

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Remember, adults are not the only ones who may experience a better night sleep. Infants and children who suffer from poor sleep may be related to interference in their nervous system too!

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