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    Bendigo’s specialists in Remedial Massage

    At Global Chiropractic, we recommend Massage as part of your complete Chiropractic Care experience. Chiropractic focuses on communication between the spine, nervous system and body while Massage focuses on hundreds of muscles of the body. When combined, body alignment, balance and function are majorly enhanced.

    We have male and female Massage therapists at our clinic in Bendigo that can provide many Massage and myotherapy services. The predominant types of Massage available at Global Chiropractic include:

    Remedial Massage -  The predominant Massage of choice by Global Chiropractic clients is our deeper pressure Massage, aimed at lengthening muscles and deactivating trigger points to prevent muscle imbalance in the body.

    Therapeutic Massage  - Using firmer and slightly quicker strokes than a relaxation Massage, our therapeutic Massage will relax and loosen muscle structure.

    Relaxation Massage  - Our relaxation Massage is aimed at relaxing the muscle tissue and body as a whole, using gentle, slow and soothing Massage strokes.

    Sports Massage – A Massage that can be performed pre-game or post-game. Pre-game Massages will be tailored towards optimum performance while a post-game Massage will focus on the body recovering from an event. The Massage pressure used, speed or strokes and technique will be determined by how long before or after the event Massage is performed and when the event is.

    Pregnancy Massage – This Massage can be performed safely throughout a pregnancy to provide muscular relief from aches and pains or prevent aches and pains from occurring. The techniques we use and the position the mother is placed in is dependent on the current stage of the pregnancy. Each case is individually assessed.

    Paediatric Massage – Infant Massage teaches parents or close relatives to Massage their child. This Massage can be utilised from birth and benefits both the child and parent. It can help to soothe an unhappy baby, ease a windy belly, symptoms of colic and reflux, and can help with post-natal depression. Paediatric Massage is also a fantastic way for father and baby to bond.

    What to expect

    Client comfort and security is paramount in all Global Chiropractic Massage consultations. Draping techniques are used in all Massages and myotherapy to ensure client privacy is protected at all times.

    Clients can determine what areas are worked and what pressure is used in consultation with our practitioners.

    Massage can be used in conjunction with other modalities, such as Chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy, podiatry, acupuncture and more.

    As recognised forms of healthcare, Massage and myotherapy are covered with approximately 90% of health funds giving rebates, but please check if you are eligible for this with your fund provider.

    Clients can choose between 15-minute, 30-minute, 45-minute and 1-hour consultations, and all lymphatic drainage appointments are 90 minutes.

    Our massage therapists

    global chiropractic aidan

    Aidan Esposito

    After gaining his initial Massage qualifications in 1991, Aidan has continually developed his skills in the areas of Massage, nutrition, hydration, injury prevention, lifestyle coaching, philosophy and universal laws. Having worked with many elite athletes and The Carlton Football Club, you can be confident when in Aidan’s care. He has built a very successful practice over the years and is available for various Massages at our Bendigo clinic.

    Sue Gardiner

    Qualified in performing remedial Massage, cupping and lymphatic drainage, Sue is also a highly experienced infant Massage instructor. Sue joined the Global Chiropractic team in 2009 and is available for consultations through the week and on Saturdays between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm.

    Lara Kermac

    Lara Kermac joined Global Chiropractic team in March 2014. She is qualified in Remedial Massage and Shiatsu. She also practices Aromatherapy, Cupping and Foot reflexology to help achieve best results in her treatments. Lara is available for appointments Monday to Friday.

    Call us today on 03 5444 3388 to book a consultation with our Massage Therapists.

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