Global Chiropractic is a welcoming, relaxed and family friendly practice located in Bendigo. We deliver gentle, safe and effective Chiropractic Care, Massage and Wellness lifestyle advice to our community.

Massage Castlemaine

We offer massage services in our Bendigo practice including clients from Castlemaine and surrounds. Chiropractic focuses on communication between the spine, nervous system and body while Massage focuses on hundreds of muscles of the body. When combined, body alignment, balance, and function are majorly enhanced.

We have male and female Massage therapists at our clinic in Bendigo that provide a range of Massage services.

What To Expect

At Global Chiropractic, we understand that you need to know what to expect as a new client. Considering everything from posture to nervous system function. Learn more about what we assess in your initial and subsequent visits.

Chiropractic Care | Massage

Our Massage Services

tummy time toys

Paediatric Massage

A paediatric massage is a very gentle massage on the infant. This can be very therapeutic for the infant and may help with any discomfort they may be feeling, while…

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pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is great for expectant Mum’s and their baby as they can relax while using our comfortable pregnancy pillows through all stages of their pregnancy. We work to a…

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Sports Massage

A pre-game sports massage is when muscle-stimulating techniques are used to increase blood flow and warm-up areas of the body ready for an event.   A post-game sports massage is…

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Relaxation massage

Relaxation Massage

A relaxation massage is when slow, lighter, relaxing massage techniques are used in treatment.   The client should nearly be able to go to sleep in a relaxation massage as…

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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage is similar to Remedial Massage but the pressure used is slightly lighter. The client should expect to be quite relaxed.   The practitioner’s aim is to lengthen the…

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Remedial Massage

The predominant Massage of choice by Global Chiropractic clients is our deeper pressure Massage. Aimed at lengthening muscles and deactivating trigger points to prevent muscle imbalance in the body.

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Service Area

Global Chiropractic is located in Bendigo and serves Castlemaine and surrounding areas for Chiropractic care and Massage services.

Barfold, Baringhup, Barkers Creek, Bradford, Campbells Creek, Campbelltown, Carisbrook, Castlemaine, Chewton, Drummond North, Eddington, Elphinstone, Faraday, Franklinford, Fryerstown, Guildford, Harcourt, Irishtown, Langley, Maldon, Malmsbury, Metcalfe, Moolort, Muckleford, Newstead, Ravenswood, Redesdale, Sandon, Sutton Grange, Taradale, Tarilta, Vaughan, Yapeen