The importance of omega 3 fatty acid supplement for your family

Essential fatty acids are critical for our health as they support a healthy immune system. They are essential because our body does not make them so we need to consume them in our diet. This is where the problem lie’s, as so many people are depleted of this essential omega-3 fatty acid.

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Unfortunately though today’s diet is high in non-essential omega-6 fatty acids which are polyunsaturated fats which can create inflammation in the body that can then lead to a multitude of health problems like bowel disease, allergies, cancers and autoimmune diseases.

The omega-3 Fatty acids are essential for growth and development. This all begins in utero when the foetus requires essential fats for developing a strong nervous system and brain. The best source of fat for them is DHA and EPA which is found in the omega-3 fatty acid.

As a baby is growing, it requires these essential fats and as a result, the mother’s blood levels of them can drop. The mother needs to make sure she is supplementing to keep her supplies up before they become depleted. A baby’s brain development is rapid in the last trimester of pregnancy and up until 12 month of age. As a baby cannot produce their own essential fatty acid it is vital that they receive a supplement if they are not being breast fed.

As a mother is breast feeding, her body is producing breast milk with the perfect amount of EPA and DHA that her child needs to support their growth as well as their immune system. If the mum does not supplement this can lead to her system being depleted and can lead to depression, poor immune response and low energy.

In addition to growth and development, the omega-3 fatty acids also prevent inflammation in the body and thus can prevent many health problems that have become common in today’s society. These common illness are all a result of the poor lifestyle decisions the majority of the population make without the awareness of the direct effect it is having on their health. The omega-6 fatty acids also compete for absorption. Therefore, if omega-6 fatty acids are high in the body they will be absorbed over the omega-3 fatty acids.


Make a positive difference to your family by giving everyone a supplement of the omega-3 fatty acid in a form that has a high concentration of EPA and DHA to support a healthy immune response, have their brain and nervous system developing optimally and decreasing inflammation which can result in the development of many illnesses.

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