Tips on how to keep motivated in Winter

The days are shorter and colder which makes it more inviting to stay indoors by the heater, watch TV and eat comforting food. Do you think this is the best choice for your health though? Taking positive action can have a big impact on your emotional and physical health during winter.

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Here are some of our best tips to keep you at the top of your game this winter:-

  • Keep moving

Because it is cold this is no excuse to skip your exercise. Movement is vital for your body and your health. My biggest tip here is to rug up and head out first thing in the morning before you have time to think too much about the cold. Personally, I mostly go when it is not full daylight and you can’t see the frost. I must admit I do wear quite a few layers, especially in the thick of winter. If I am prepared with the right amount of clothing I will have warmed up after exercising for 5 minutes thus I enjoy being out even more.


Research has shown that exercise, even a 35 minute walk a day, can improve symptoms of depression.

Play your favourite tunes, listen to something motivating or meet up with a friend and exercise together. Do whatever it takes so as you keep exercise a part of your routine right through the winter months.

  • Keep the end result in mind

Think how great you feel after you have done your workout. Do not focus on the cold and not wanting to get out of bed.

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  • Get outside

Spending time outside, even when it is chilly, can improve your focus and lower stress level. Being outside in touch with nature is a great way to keep your body grounded too!

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  • Eat smarter

Be mindful about what you are consuming. Comfort foods which are full of sugar and refined carbohydrates, fast foods and processed foods not only have a negative impact on your physical health but may also negatively affect your emotional state too. If you feel like a treat try dark cocoa chocolate or pana chocolate which is gluten and dairy free.

  • Listen to your body

If you are feeling tired and run down make sure you listen to your body and get some extra rest. Sleeping is when your body is healing and regenerating. It is always best to get to bed early to fit in the extra hours and still get up at a similar time in the morning.

Winter is only for a short few months of the year. It will soon pass so you may as well enjoy it and keep healthy at the same time.

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