Plantar Fasciitis: Advice for home

To understand more about what plantar fasciitis is, and the potential causes, please read the previous blog post. You can find it here:

So, what can you do at home to reduce pain and inflammation?

Go Barefoot – Barefoot is important as the ligament and muscles of the feet have to work and thus it strengthens them. This leads to better support of the arches of the foot to help them heal.


Massage the feet – Using a massage ball or even a frozen orange (ice massage helps to calm inflammation also) and rolling it under the foot for 3-5 minutes. Make sure you cover the whole length of the foot and out to either side.


Stretch the plantar fascia – especially first thing in the morning. At night often the ligaments will contract and thus the condition will be more painful in the morning. Pull the toes towards the shin.


Figure of 8’s with the foot – put your fingers between each toe and then using your hand guide your foot through a figure of 8 pattern.

Stretch the calf – You can do this using a foam roller or hand massage as well as gently stretching by bringing the foot towards the shin bone.

Rest – Obviously if you are standing on your feet all day, everyday, understand that this is going to make the healing process take longer. The more you can take moments of rest to relax and stretch under the feet the better. Ideally aim every hour to stop for a minute or two.

Rehabilitation of the ligaments and muscles under the foot – place marbles on the ground, or something of similar size, and use your toes to pick them up and place them in a mug that is sitting on the floor beside them. 

If you are experiencing heel pain and suspect you have plantar fasciitis, the sooner you seek treatment, the sooner your feet can stop hurting. Healing takes time so you need to be patient and understand that pain is usually the last thing to appear. Usually there is years of damage under the surface that needs to be dealt with.

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