Top tips for surviving Winter sports injuries

The Winter sports season is upon us. Often freezing mornings, kicking the ice off the grass. It’s a time when often injuries are prevalent. What can you do to minimise your risk of injury? Here are some tips to thrive this season!

  • Prepare to play

Warm up with dynamic stretches

This helps to prepare and limber up the body for the actions is it going to be going through during the game. Active stretching like running straight, running sideways, butt kicking, skipping, leg swing, dynamic squats, jumping. Whatever the sport is you are playing make sure you warm up each area of your body in the way it may be used during the course of the match

Preparing your body is crucial

warm up

It is important to build up your training and fitness in the weeks and months before playing competitively to make sure you are ready for competition. Gradually increase the intensity and duration of training.

  • Improve core strength, flexibility and coordination

Yoga and Pilates

Great to do on a regular basis to help with flexibility and relaxation of your body. The more flexible the muscles are the better they can support your joints, easing pain and pressure. It is very beneficial for the body to go through a gentle type of exercise routine so that it is not continually bombarded with heavy training that overtime can breakdown your body.

Train your body in specific movements that it will be going through during the game.


  • Wear the right gear

Make sure that the shoes you are wearing have the correct support you need. If you are wearing the wrong shoes this can cause not only problems with your feet but also your hips, lower back and even into your neck. It is totally worth making sure your shoes are right for you.

  • Taping

Taping can help prevent knee and ankles from abnormal movements and thus reduce the possibility of injury. Ask your trainer to help with the right taping you require for the sport you are playing.

  • Know your limitations

Chose activities that are suited to your fitness level.

Follow the rules and play fairly.

Use good techniques and practices of the sport you are playing. Don’t get slack and try and cheat on technique as this can lead to devastating physical strain on your body. Get instructions from the coach to keep you on target here.

  • Don’t skip the cool down

The cool down is to help ease the body back into pre-match state. It also helps to lower your heart rate gradually so as not to have any ill effects. A gradual cool down helps the blood to keep circulating around the body to carry nutrients and oxygen to assist repair.

As the muscles are warm after a game this is the ideal time to use static stretches to help improve your flexibility. The muscles will lengthen which will lead to a greater range of motion.

cool down

  • Feed your body what it requires for health and healing

You certainly are what you eat! The better quality nutrients you provide your body the healthier your cells and tissues will be. If you then happen to receive an injury during your sporting season you are giving your body the best chance to heal more efficiently. Provide your body with great quality fats (eg. coconut oil, fish oil and olive oil), high amounts of protein and small amounts of carbohydrates with each meal. Protein is important with each meal as protein is essential in building new tissue.

post ex nutition

Foods that create inflammation should be avoided. These include dairy and gluten as well as trans fats and processed foods.

Keeping well hydrated is important for your body especially with healing. Did you know that blood is mostly water and this is how oxygen travels throughout the body! Water helps to remove the toxins and wastes in the body too. Both of these can assist in the healing process.

Make sure you measure your water intake out daily so you are getting your required amount.

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