What is the true cause of pain?

Over the course of life, daily stresses, strains and the effects of poor lifestyle choices will have an impact on the body. Initially these stresses will build silently and you will not notice the effect that they are having on you until they eventually reach the body’s threshold, where pain and symptom will become present. iceberg

Pain and Symptom are the tip of an iceberg. What you feel is above the surface. This is where conventional medicine work to take medication or surgery to remove the pain and symptom.  Underneath the surface though is the true cause which is what has been building overtime. By dealing with unseen symptoms, there is a better chance that you are addressing the true cause. This leads to long term benefits of not only pain relief but a healthier you!

If you listen to your body when it whispers, you wont have to hear it scream.

These underlying causes are due to physical stresses (ie. birth or position in utero, falls, accidents, injuries, surgeries, lifting, bending, twisting and poor posture), mental and emotional stresses (relationships, work, financial) as well as chemical stresses (ie poor diet, pollutions, lack of water etc).

Symptoms may come and go: however, the danger of this is that the problem is ignored once again when the body is trying give a signal that it needs help. This is made worse if the symptoms are covered up with pain killers. This only masks the pain, leading you to think your body is ok to continue with what you are doing when it actually is not. The reality is- you are actually doing more damage!

What surprises most is that these stresses build in the body from birth. Usually they will not be felt though when young. It will not usually be until 10,20,30 years later that the effect is felt. Quite often, it is something simple like bending over to pick up a tissue and “bang”, immediate acute back pain from something so simple. Remember that last bend was the straw that broke the camel’s back and not the total cause.

Chiropractic works to address the cause of the pain or symptom by removing nerve interference which has resulted from the stresses accumulating in the body. If the brain can send messages, via the nervous system, out to the body and receive messages back from the body without interference the body can start to heal itself.


Are you suffering from pain and/or dysfunction? We would love to help.

Dr. Deanne Esposito (Chiropractor)

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