How can you improve your posture?

Ever stopped to think how you can change your posture to better your health? Often we are “stuck” in poor postures for hours on end, whether at a desk at work/school, during sleep, whilst driving/travelling, or when utilising technology. It’s time to alter these poor postural positions to reduce pain, discomfort and muscular imbalance.


Top tips for better posture:

  • Imagine that you have a string attached to the top of your head pulling your head up to the ceiling.  Your chest is lifting tall, while the shoulder blades are pinning back together. When you look at your posture side on there should be a straight line from your ear, through your shoulder to your hip, knee and then ankle.

Did you know for every centimeter your head moves forward, it requires an extra 4 kilograms of pulling force from the muscles in the back of your neck and shoulders to hold you in this posture (Ref: SD Protocol, Dr Wayne Todd, pg 69).

Can you imagine the amount of force pulling on your neck? No wonder this will create more spinal imbalance and hence more nerve interference and subsequent health issues.

posture 1

  • When using technology, make sure the screen is raised so you are looking straight ahead. You never want to have your head rounding forward. We are now in a time where the ‘Tech Neck’ is having a profound effect on our future health. Remember to train your children as well as yourself to get into this habit.
  • Stretching needs to be an important part of your daily routine. The pectoral/chest muscles need to be stretched along with your hamstrings and glutes. The extensor muscle in your upper back need to be strengthened to support you in an upright posture. These muscles are often neglected, stretched and weak as a result of long periods of sitting with poor posture.

posture stretches

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