What is your pain telling you?

Over the course of life, daily stresses, strains and the effects of poor lifestyle choices will have an impact on the body. Initially these will build silently and you will not notice the effect that they are having on you until they eventually reach the body’s threshold, which is when pain and symptom will become present.

Pain and symptom are simply the tip of an iceberg. What you feel is “above the surface”. Underneath the surface though is the true cause, which may have been building for a long time (years in many cases). By dealing with unseen symptoms, there is a better chance that you are addressing the true cause. This leads to long term benefits of not only pain relief but a healthier you for the long term.


If you listen to your body when it whispers, you wont have to hear it scream.

These underlying causes can be due to physical (falls, accidents, injuries, surgeries, lifting, bending, twisting and poor posture), mental and emotional (relationships, work, financial) as well as chemical stresses (ie poor diet, pollutions, lack of water etc).

Small symptoms are often ignored. Many of us “mask” the pain with medication, rather than deal with the underlying cause.


Be proactive about your health not reactive. Think of your health as an investment. The more you put into it at a young age, the better chance you are giving yourself to have greater health later in life and to be able to continue doing all the things that you love to do at your best ability.

By taking proactive steps towards your health, you are assisting to address any underlying causes for dysfunction. This prevents pain and symptom from presenting as a “cry for help” and enables you to reach your full health potential. Isn’t that a nice idea?

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