Combat the effects of sitting all day

The problem with sitting all day is the lack of movement for your spine. Movement of your spine is what stimulates your brain function. If you are sitting for the majority of your day, this can lead to detrimental effects on your long term health. Here are some easy tips and strategies you can incorporate in your daily life to counteract the effects of sitting and to get your body moving:

desk posture

Take regular posture breaks

Ideally it is advised to get up at least every hour from sitting. This may mean getting on your feet for 10-15 seconds and just walk on the spot. While you are standing concentrate on lifting your chest up and pulling your shoulders back. Like as if someone has a rope attached to the centre of your head pulling it up.

Movement is the key!! Those who move, live longer and healthier lives.

Try to get as much movement as you can when away from the office or car. Little incidental bits of movement count. This may be parking a block or 2 further away, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and when catching up with the kids after your day, go outside and play.

Stretch it out

When you are sitting, the muscles at the front of the hips (hip flexors) become tight. These can pull on the hips and eventually lead to hip and low back pain.

It is easy to stretch the hip flexors. Simply kneel on one knee on the floor while the other foot is one the ground in front of you with the knee at 90 degrees. Lean your body forward, moving your weight towards the foot in front of you. It is important that you keep your body upright though so as you then feel the stretch in the front of your hip on the side that you are on your knee.

Stretching through the chest and neck are very important too, as over time our body may start to go into a forward head posture while sitting. This is easily done while sitting as you can pull your arms back in a ‘W’ posture as you pull your head back over your shoulders.

neck stretch

Get your spine moving!

While you are sitting it is easy enough to roll your body forward so as your arms are going towards the floor. This will stretch out your lower back while also increasing the movement of your spine in this direction. You can then turn your body to look behind you on one side and then the other. Then you can extend back so you are leaning over the back of your chair while your arms creating a ‘Y’ posture as you go back. Finally you can bend your body down to one side and then the other.

desk stretch

All of the strategies given are great for preventing the long term effects of sitting for long periods. They will also help in awakening the brain and keeping the you alert so you will be more productive and get the best out of the day. Sit up tall and work smarter!

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